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..for a website uniquely representing you!

Kia ora – welcome.
We will help you create the website that you have in mind.

We make it our business
to make each website
to the client. 

A website makes you accessible
to anyone, anywhere, anytime

Your website is your business’s digital home, where customers go to learn more about your company, uncover your services, products, and prices, and understand why you might be able to help them or provide them with what they would like to buy. 

Have you been thinking about building a website or
redesigning the one you have?
With a website you can generate new business leads, improve communication, and increase engagement with your organisation.

The koru in Koru Websites: 

Koru in Māori means ‘loop’ and symbolises

new life and growth.

It is a symbol for creating and seeing new possibilities.


Making websites for all types and sizes of business: from a one-page brochure-style website through to automated ecommerce websites. Our aim is to create simple and powerful websites for Kiwi and international companies and organisations.

Your aim

We enjoy sitting down on zoom or in person, with a client and seeing where their needs for a representation on the internet will take them and us.
If you would like to know what the possibilities and options are for your company or business:


We offer website and computer services.
For websites we can do monthly updates and maintenance, have a look at our website plans. 
Problems with your computer?
We are also available for tech support.

Get in touch

Based in Whangārei, New Zealand with an internet connection we know that the internet is not limited to borders.
We have designed and developed websites for people anywhere on the planet. If you have an internet connection we can make it work!


Our mission is to design and develop a website that reflects the clients wishes and ideas. We make modern, professionally designed websites.

Online Shop

Wanting to sell products online? We can help you create an online shop and giving your business the opportunity to get in front of consumers and sales.

Hosting & Email

We host and maintain your website and set up your email accounts too.
No domain name registered yet?
We can organise this at no extra cost.


Email Marketing

We can create a format for your messages and newsletter to keep in touch with your existing and potential customers.



We can support you with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the practice of increasing website traffic and exposure to your business, through non-paid search engine results.

Mobile responsive

A responsive web design will automatically adjust for different screen sizes and devices. We make all our websites mobile responsive to make it look good on all devices.

Our website design plans

Experiencing problems with your computer?

You are not alone.  In today’s world, almost everyone relies on their computer for work, school, or entertainment and most do not have all the skills to keep them running smoothly. That’s why it’s so important to have someone who does a reliable PC repair job.

We offer comprehensive and affordable PC repair services. Not everyone is a computer expert, and so we take a customer-friendly approach to all our repairs.
We will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs and fits within your budget.

Some of the other services we offer include:
– Updating your operating system
– Installing virus check software or virus removal
– Creating a backup/setting up a backup procedure
– Install Wi-Fi range extender
– and ask for more tailor made service!

Our clients speak for us

Koru websites client Nature Play NZ

Dean Aplin

director, Nature Play NZ

"We employed the Services of Koru Websites to launch our business into the cyber world. We had hoped for a website that embodied our vision, our passion and spirit of our business and philosophies.
What Irene and Garret have achieved has by far exceeded our hopes and expectations. We now rely on their skills and judgment for all our marketing and advertising needs."

Koru websites client Rio Tico Safari Lodge

Miranda Kouwijzer

director, Rio Tico Safari Lodge

"The last 4 years we have enjoyed working with Koru Websites.

The design for the different websites is refreshing with special eye for detail.

They always respond quickly and efficient. We receive very positive feedback from our clients about the design of our websites and we thank Koru Websites for our success."

Koru websites client Debbie Gillespie

Debbie Gillespie

director, debragillespie.com

"It has been a pleasure and delight to work with Irene and Garret on my website. The package they offer with Irene’s gift of clarity, simplicity and ability to decipher my vision, with Garret’s knowledge and experience with coding made the whole process very easy and painless. Not only were they responsive, willing to provide advice when needed, they work with and in heart. Thank you!"

“People ignore designs that ignore people.”

~ Frank Chimero

Some guidance on how to start on making a website.
When creating a website, you need to remember the people you are making it for and
what it is they are looking for from you. 

You don’t go to a petrol station to buy petrol,
what you really want is to travel from A to B.

Think of what your customers want from your business or product first.
envisioning and writing for your website  with this in mind. Remember who you are making it for and how you would like to engage your clients or customer.
Take them along from the start of the journey.  

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Irene +64 (0)21 152 6481

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