A little about Koru Websites

We started with Koru Websites in 1999 and have worked in web design, web development, web advertising and internet support for many companies.
The internet is a global network of information which makes the world a much smaller and a more connected place. We so enjoy contributing to make this happen on an ever larger scale.
When we set to work for someone, we take pride in our work and enjoy the challenge of making the right website for each client.

Garret Dekker

Garret Dekker


Web development & programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP), MySQL database management, consulting on hosting and internet subjects, web traffic statistics.

The Koru in Koru Websites

The Koru in Koru Websites


All our creations for websites and design are inspired by nature.
Nature is leading us on in the new times to come, and technology is there to serve and help her show us the way.

Irene Groeneveld Dekker

Irene Groeneveld Dekker


Designing websites, imaging and advertising online e.g. making banners, popups, direct emails for advertisement campaigns, layout newsletters and email marketing.

A Digital Agency

One thing we like about our office is that it is mobile. We work from many different places around the world and New Zealand.

Forward Thinking

We like to challenge ourselves, and we like to think forward to new horizons.

Problem Solvers

Thinking beyond the box, finding the missing piece of the puzzle, is something we wholeheartedly embrace in life.

Customer Support

We deliver quick and efficient support to our clients.
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