About us

… and our background in webdesign and development

Est. 1999 Amsterdam The Netherlands

Irene worked as a webdesigner for a multimedia bureau in Amsterdam and as the internet became the tool for advertising and marketing she decided to start her own business. Garret worked for the University of Utrecht as a database and network manager and joined Koru Websites a year later.
In 2003 we immigrated to New Zealand, and the business was brought along as most of the clients were content to make the shift with us. The beauty of the internet is of course, that you can be anywhere in the world and do your work online.
Over the years we have made websites for many different clients around the world and we still do to this day.

The work for our clients has been diverse: we have worked in web design, web development, web advertising and internet support for large companies and one (wo)man businesses.

When we set to work for someone, we take pride in our work and enjoy the challenge of making the right website for each client.

Why Choose Us

A Digital Agency

One thing we enjoy about our office is that it is mobile. We have worked and work from New Zealand and many different places around the world.

Forward Thinking

We like to be inspired by the possibilities of the future, and we work to inspire.
We aim forward to new horizons for ourselves and our clients.

Problem Solvers

Thinking outside the box, finding the missing piece of the puzzle, is something we wholeheartedly embrace in life and work.
Finding solutions is our motto.

Customer Support

Our support to our clients is quick and efficient and important to us. For more on how we work go to our Services page. 
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“We love what we do
and we do what our clients love.

We work with clients from many different places  to create thoughtful and purposeful websites.”

   “fast response times”

   “helped us reach our goals”

    “very experienced”

Irene Groeneveld Dekker

Irene Groeneveld Dekker


Website design, photography and imaging and advertising online e.g. making banners, popups, direct emails for advertisement campaigns, layout newsletters and email marketing.

The Koru

The Koru


A website can be seen as an unfurling fern frond, a koru. You start with the idea and as it unfolds further, business and growth is imminent.
The symbol of the koru brings us to new horizons. 

Garret Dekker

Garret Dekker


Web development & programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP), MySQL database management, consulting on hosting and internet subjects, web traffic statistics. Garret is also available for computer support and repair.

The Spiral

~ The spiral is one of the oldest symbols in the world and is the sign of the creative  powers at work in the universe.
In nature you find spirals and curved lines much more commonly than straight lines. A spiral represents the cyclical forces of life and speaks of creativity and  constant renewal.
The world wide web is such a creation and learning place where we link into other people and create  changes and growth for ourselves and others.

The Koru

~ The koru, which is used in Māori art as a symbol of creation, is based on the shape of an unfurling fern frond. It represents the young fern frond of the Silver Fern, a native only to Aotearoa – New Zealand.
The koru in Māori means “loop” and symbolises new life and growth. For our company the perfect symbol for creating websites.

Our clients speak for us

Hayley Hargreaves

director, Nature's Nest

"Koru websites have been fantastic in their design & website support for our business, they have made an area that I have previously not had any experience with enjoyable & easy to manage. Their friendly support & professional technical knowledge have been crucial in the success of our website.

We have had many positive comments about our website & have recommended many of our friends & family to use Koru Websites, they have been just as happy!"

Maria Gerathy

Holistic Wellbeing Practitioner

I underestimated what was involved in doing a website. Actually I had no idea.

I am grateful for Irene and Garret's expertise and patience in stepping me through the process and working with me in my way, at my pace, to create and bring to completion something that I am proud of and that reflects me and my work beautifully.

Mary Wojcik

manager, Northland Environmental Health Clinic

"We have worked with Garret and Irene on our website for about 5 years now. They have always been supportive and very creative in making and maintaining our website.
They are flexible in making changes quickly as we need to update any information or images. It is a very nice looking website."

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Garret +64 (0)21 210 6288
Irene +64 (0)21 152 6481

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